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With the largest data-set of information on Influencers of all sizes – from Nano-Influencers to Micro-Influencers and Macro-Influencers – and over a decade of experience managing marketing campaigns from start to finish, Nfinity Influencer drills into the details to create and roll-out the perfect Influencer Campaign for your brand.


No one knows Influencer Marketing like us. Once we’ve learnt all we can about your business, we create impactful strategies aligned to your objectives. To deliver the ROI you want, we determine the optimum amount of content and content type, finesse the ratio of Nano-, Micro- and Macro-Influencers, and analyse what channels and performance media will drive top-notch results.


Our superior custom-built tech enhances every step of the campaign. Firstly, our extensive database matches the perfect Influencers to your campaign. Then, our system and people manage the entire process to ensure continuity, give you oversight and control of critical elements. Lastly, our built-in reporting mechanisms give feedback on campaign KPIs and instant access to insights and learnings.


Our ever-growing inventory list has over 300,000 Influencers of all types, but don’t worry, our backend tech will find the perfect match for your needs. Whether it’s authentic Nano-Influencers perfectly aligned to your consumers, Micro-Influencers with bigger audiences who tell good stories, or Macro-Influencers who bring fame to the table – we give you access to them all.


Once you’ve signed off the strategy, campaign concept and Influencer selection, we’ll ensure that your campaign runs smoothly. We’ll brief the Influencers, ensure they create and share quality content on time, and will monitor and facilitate online conversation. You’ll still be in control but we’ll coordinate all the moving parts. 


The best performing content will get an even bigger boost from our team of highly experienced performance media specialists. They actively analyse what Influencer content is getting the most attention, then scale up the distribution of the content to your ideal market to drive efficiencies and effectiveness and ensure that your objectives and benchmarks are reached.


Advanced dashboards offer real-time feedback to monitor KPIs and make adjustments, if necessary. Influencers can share feedback on the campaign and any products or services being promoted, and surveys can be served to a broader target market. A detailed report, enabled by our superior technology, is shared at the end of the campaign along with insights and actionable learnings.

the nfinity influencer universe.

This collaboration between the best-of-the-best Influencer Marketing partners, means that you benefit from unmatched thinking, execution, and service. Sharing insights, ideas, strategy and learnings – and working together on business critical deliverables – means that no matter what your campaign requires, you have the right people and tools to exceed your every expectation.

A Nano-Influencer Specialist Platform that uses in-depth data to connect your brand with Influencers who are already fans and are active on social media and in their communities.

Our Micro- and Macro-Influencer Specialist Platform uses advanced technology to match brands and campaigns with relevant larger-scale influencers, personalities and celebrities.

Turn your employees into Brand Ambassadors by upskilling and empowering them to become your most powerful marketing and lead generation tool.

Build niche audiences by producing, distributing and marketing engaging podcasts, which are aligned to your brand message and speak to your ideal audience.

Our database offers you a team of smart people on the ground, who can sample products, mystery shop, answer online surveys, run price checks, competitor comparisons, and more.


Develop unique and relevant content in collaboration with talented creators.

Enhance your communication channels through an authentic and impactful voice.

Stimulate conversation with your audience through dialogue not monologue.


Utilise Word of Mouth, the most powerful form of marketing, at a potentially limitless scale.

Relieve pressure on your team as they won’t need to control the brand conversation.

Relax as we plan, roll-out, manage and coordinate creators and campaigns for you.


Target your ideal audience via the perfect Influencers thanks to our one-of-a-kind insight-driven database.

Action real-time learnings to amplify your campaign via Influencer feedback, surveys and reporting software.

Facilitate conversation, manage creators, share content and harness insights through our unrivalled technology.

end-to-end managed influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing has multiple moving parts. We take all the stress out of it by managing the entire process from start to finish – and beyond. First we receive the brief and take time to truly understand your business and your needs, then the process begins.

one goal: happy clients.

theSalt’s proven their invaluable expertise in nano influencer marketing time and time again. This is evidenced by the multiple successful campaigns that we’ve run together over the last 18 months.

Komane K. Tladi,
Digital Manager Coca-Cola, Southern & East Africa Business Unit, Mediacom

Since their inception in 2010, theSalt have proven their knowledge and professional approach across all the plans they’ve executed. They work closely with clients to understand their KPIs and objectives. The good thing is that KPIs are not Cost per Click and Views, it’s about meeting client objectives such as sign-ups, feet in store etc. My Account Exec, Tammy Visagie, is very knowledgeable, not only of her product, but takes the time to understand my business. I’ll gladly recommend them to any client.

Colin Ramparsadh,
Business Unit Manager, The Mediashop

Working with theSalt is an absolute pleasure. There’s never been an instance where we tasked them, even with targets that may have been tough, and they didn’t deliver. theSalt always outperforms our agency partners.

Gee Motsepe,
Managing Director, Motsepe Advertising, Telkom

Extremely professional, open to suggestions and willing to get our requirements within budget. They had everything handled from the start, and for the first time, I didn’t have to harass an agency for info as it came through as often as needed and more. Highly recommended for professionalism and quality.

Dean Matodes,
Digital Marketing Manager,

It’s been a pleasure working with Webfluential. The live reporting portal, which gives instant performance feedback across all platforms, is a great way to track and monitor the campaign. I saw such fantastic results in my 1st campaign that I’ve made Webfluential an integral part of my marketing mix for all campaigns. I highly recommend them to any brand trying to get an authentic message to consumers via social.

Matthew Dees,
Senior Brand Manager,
Jacobs Douwe Egberts

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A bit of what we get up to as South Africa’s Number 1 Influencer and Content Creation agency.

A bit of what we get up to as South Africa’s Number 1 Influencer and Content Creation agency.

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Let’s chat about your needs and we’ll connect you with the right Influencer Marketing specialists to help you share your story with impact.

Let’s chat about your needs and we’ll connect you with the right Influencer Marketing specialists to help you share your story with impact.