Marketing savvy brands work with nano-influencers

It’s no secret that the influencer marketing scene is exploding. Every industry has had a fair amount of constant development and innovation that can be really tricky to stay on top of. We live in a digital world, and new things are coming our way constantly, the one thing that is essential, though, is a clear grasp and understanding of the fundamentals of an industry, or in our case, a media channel.

The influencer space has picked up that there is still a large amount of work to be done around educating, in both client, and agency worlds. And the one area where the understanding isn’t always clear, is the definition of different influencer categories, and what they can do for your brand campaign.

nano-influencers can help you sell more

On the surface, a nano-influencer is just a regular social media user, one just like the rest of us. Sharing pictures, videos and posts – everyday people with something to say. They probably have fewer than 5k followers, and they aren’t likely to call themselves influencers. But when they talk, people listen. They engage their audience, they build an element of trust, and they are willing to take advice. These are people with the power to sell your products, and this is nano influencer marketing.

These influencers are motivated by things they are passionate about, and they want to share it with their audience – freebies and/or cash to them is a bonus. They truly appreciate the offer to work together and are far less likely to be demanding when it comes to agreeing on compensation.

a quick look at numbers

Due to their smaller fanbases, nano-influencers are able to reply to all of their followers’ comments and forge closer relationships with them. The engagement rates of smaller influencers have been found to be 60% greater compared to those of larger influencers. Their followers get a sense of belonging, appreciation, and engagement. Basically like pals.

Product recommendations seem more genuine and are more likely to get more likes, comments, or shares.

normal people, talking to other likeminded people

Nano-influencers are more approachable simply because they are regular people. They are not only in it for the money; there is less drama, the approach is smoother, and they share on social media as part of their daily lives. When you work with prominent influencers there is a higher need of collaboration, so that your message is suited to their audience. You regress to a certain degree.

More like ambassadors are smaller influencers. They are happy to share your message without making too many changes in a positive way. They enjoy your brand and want to tell their friends about it.

Compared to well-known names, these influencers will often concentrate on niche topics. Things that are representative of their personalities, so they are likely to attract followers with the same views and opinions, this enables you to collab with people who truly care about a topic that fits your brand perfectly. Because they are cheaper, you can work with more ambassadors at a time, this will improve your reach and allow you to cover many audience segments with one campaign.

bigger names – bigger challenges

When you work with bigger names, there is usually more paperwork, and due to the amount of money you spend to work with them, you will need to carefully select the perfect people. When they are selected, contacting them and agreeing on terms can become a long and tedious process, and in the end, they might not even convey your message the way you wanted them to.

If you are looking to run influencer campaigns with less hassle, get a better ROI, and improve your engagement – look no further. Reach out to us today and see how we can help further your campaign.


Author: Albert Makoeng

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